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How the country is dealing with the pandemic

As a result of the emergence and spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, Argentina adopted prevention and care measures in advance to prepare the health system and equip it correctly.  


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As of March 20th, 2020, the national government established the social, preventive and obligatory distancing within the Argentine territory and set up a series of measures, such as:

  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters between people 
  • Wear a face mask in shared spaces and outdoors
  • Frequent hand hygiene
  • Disinfect surfaces and ventilate rooms
  • Comply with the protocols established for the different activities
  • Stay isolated if you have symptoms


As part of the prevention measures, international borders will remain closed

until September 30th, 2020. Thus, foreigners who are not Argentine residents cannot enter Argentine territory through any of its access points. Due to the changing situation, it is not ruled out that the closure period may be extended. We recommend that you follow the updated information on the official website of the Ministry of the Interior of Argentina.


At the moment, the following people are the only ones allowed to enter the country:

  • People who transport goods by air, land, sea, river or lake due to international trade cargo operations
  • Ship and aircraft carriers and crew
  • People who operate flights and sanitary transfers
  • Staff considered essential for their specific tasks


The first flights are expected to start arriving from October from certain destinations. However, we recommend checking the requirements for entering Argentina according to the country of origin from which you will be flying.


Furthermore, due to the particularities of each region of the Argentine territory, a different situation can be observed in each of them. For this reason, they are going through different instances of the process of social and preventive isolation within Argentina.


The Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA) is the most densely populated area of Argentina. It is made up of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires, and has about 30% of the country’s total population. 


In July, the city of Buenos Aires started a Comprehensive and Gradual Startup Plan, with a progressive opening process.


Moreover, the circulation within the Argentine territory is limited and restricted for the general entrance of people to other provinces. In the cases in which the interprovincial pass was enabled as an exceptional measure, it was obtained through a special circulation permit, which was adapted to the different instances the regions are experiencing.


In addition, each of them had to establish their own operating protocols and comply with the recommendations and instructions of the national and local health and safety authorities.


It is worth highlighting the work that is done daily throughout the country to assist its population, while taking all necessary measures to prevent the virus spread.


Lastly, we inform you that the information on our website will be updated as relevant developments arise in order to keep us all informed.


(Last updated September 14th, 2020)


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