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How to open your bank account

Discover how you can open your bank account in Buenos Aires and take advantage of all the benefits. From receiving international money, using ATMs without paying commission, accessing discounts, and more!

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The steps

1. Download form 663, complete it and take it to the nearest AFIP office, along with your passport. There you request your Identification Code (CDI).

2. With your CDI and your passport, present yourself at any of the following branches of Banco Ciudad to open your account:

3. After 5 days you can withdraw your card at the same branch.


To clarify some doubts

What is the CDI?

The Identification Code or CDI represents a numerical code that the AFIP gives to those individuals or legal entities that do not have CUIT or CUIL, because there are no causes of a fiscal or provisional nature that oblige them to have them, and that they need to identify themselves to perform certain procedures .

How is the international transaction received?

The amount in pesos is received at the official exchange of the day on which the account is credited.

How long does it take to prove the international transfer?

If the payment instruction received indicates all the complete data of the Originator of the funds and the Beneficiary, the accreditation is automatic and within 24 hours.

What data is needed to make the transfer?

All the data of the Originator of the funds: full name, account number where the funds come from and address of the payer; and of the Beneficiary: full name and account number in which to accredit. Important: It is necessary to have the complete data, otherwise you cannot liquidate the item with credit to the client, nor return the funds abroad, until such data is completed.

What is the cost of the international transaction?*

Less than USD 30, 50% of the amount + IVA (21%)

Between USD 30 and USD 99.99 - USD 15 + IVA (21%)

Between USD 100 and 999.99 USD 25 + IVA (21%)

Between USD 1000 and 55 thousand - USD 55 + IVA (21%)

More than USD 55 thousand - 0.10% + IVA (21%)

*The 21% IVA is on the commission and not on the total transaction. Rates subject to modification, check with Banco Ciudad.

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