Key Info

Everything you need to know to move around in Buenos Aires, both before arriving and during your stay. Read here and solve all your doubts! Don't forget that if you travel as a student, with your working holiday visa, or to participate as a volunteer, you can request your free welcome kit.   

What is the cost of living in Buenos Aires?

Learn about our local currency, how much you need to live by month and compare different cities in the world with Buenos Aires.

What to know about the safety and health system in Buenos Aires?

Did you know that we are the safest city in Latin America, according to “The Economist Safest Cities Ranking 2018”?  That's true, but just as for any other metropolis, there are some tips you have to be aware of. Besides, read about the type of health service more suitable according to the time you decide to stay. 

What is the weather like in Buenos Aires?

The truth? It's fine all year long: not too cold, not too hot. Our average annual temperature is 18°C (64°F), just imagine. Read here and learn everything before you prepare your travel bag.

Tips for getting around by public transport

How to get from the airport to the city, what card you need to access our transportation system, where you can consult about the circuits you want to take, how is our system of free bicycle usage and all data to move around at ease.