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4 apps that will make your life easier

Plan your touristic circuit, be aware of our top places, download our offline map, experience Buenos Aires with augmented reality and enjoy the most of your stay in the city. How? The solution is here.

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1. BA Cómo llego

The most important of all apps! Although Google Maps is very useful, this app has the most accurate info to move around Buenos Aires. It shows the fastest, most agile and effective way to get where you want to go. From any cell phone with Internet connection, check how to get from one side of the city to the other by bus, train, subway or car, or on foot. In addition to showing streets and routes, this new application adds theaters, cinemas, public spaces and schools

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2. Travel Buenos Aires

Tips to avoid getting lost in this big city with such a diverse offer. It is ideal to optimize your time, save paper and free space in your travel backpack. You can download for free and then use it without WiFi, so that once on your cell phone, you can take it with you.

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3. BA WiFi

Any university city has to be a connected city. Therefore, in Buenos Aires you can connect to the Internet in 381 places. Free, fast and easy to use from any device; and there are also connections in parks, squares, public spaces, museums, hospitals, health centers, community centers, the Metrobus (BRT) and the subway. Download the app

4. BA EcoBici por TemBici

Remember that if you ask for your welcome kit you will have your EcoBici user, the bicycles public transport system. Pedal through Buenos Aires with this application, which allows you to know the availability of the public bicycle system in real time, how to get to the nearest station and what is the map of bicycle paths and bicycle shops 

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