Welcome Kit


You can request your kit 7 days in advance to pick it up at our lockers at Ezeiza Airport. You can also pick it up at the Tourist Assistance Center, located at the Buenos Aires Museum (Defensa 187) on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 11:30 am and 5:00 pm and on weekends between 11:30 am and 7:00 pm. It is closed on Tuesdays.

Special rate on your first nights

If you still don’t have an accommodation, this is your opportunity. Consult our list of included hostels, and book 7 nights for only US dollars 80, 14 nights for only US dollars 150, or a month for US dollars 190.

SIM card

Receive your Tuenti SIM card with a promotional rate for the first month. Arrive at your new connected home. You will be able to notify that you have arrived as soon as you get to the City. You read that right, problem solved!

Recharge 500 pesos here and we'll give you 12 GB + WhatsApp FREE for 30 days.

SUBE card

Take advantage of the city's public transport from the very first minute. Subway, train, bus (“colectivo”), all of them! With your SUBE card, you can pay any of the tickets. Besides, it is registered with your name. So, if you lose it, you can recover your remaining balance.  

Discount on language lessons

Say you come from Study Buenos Aires and take advantage of a 20% discount at the following schools: CoinedELE BariesCasa SpanishVos Buenos AiresExpanishIWAcademia Buenos Aires y BA Spanish School. The discount is applied in intensive group courses of 20 hours per week.

Aviso Kit de bienvenida

Take into account that to request your Welcome Kit, you will need a Study Buenos Aires user. If you are already registered, log in to continue. If not, register here.