Share your language

If you're interested in participating in the education sector in Buenos Aires city, this volunteer activity is for you. What is it about? It's a program of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, addressed to international students so that they can actively cooperate and, in their language, in classes for students of 6th and 7th degree (the two last years in primary school). So, if you know English, Portuguese, French or Italian, you can join intercultural meetings guided by the teacher of a specific public school in the city. This experience aims at internationalizing the classroom so that everyone, including you, can understand the cultures of the world. It lasts 4 weeks, during 5 hours a week. If you want to know more, download this PDF with the requirements. 

Find your solidarity project

Volunteering is, certainly, a unique experience. That's why we want you to choose well your way of helping. Build a house, share your language, teach a sport, and much more. You’ll be able to create a positive impact for society, while connecting with another perspective of our culture. Read here and get to know what to do. You can also contact any of these NGOs and participate in their volunteer activities.  


It is an organization present in 19 Latin American countries, which seeks to overcome the situation of poverty that millions of people experience in popular settlements, through the joint action of its inhabitants and young volunteers.

Voluntarios Sin Fronteras

They provide support, information, relationships and organize activities for all those who wish to do some kind of international volunteering. They had the opportunity to work with the School of Volunteers of São Paulo, Brazil, and they understand that the exchange between the peoples is something very enriching for everyone, including the beneficiaries of the organizations.


It is the world's largest youth organization seeking to develop the next generation of leaders and connect them with corporate allies and NGOs. They facilitated more than 480,000 volunteer experiences and internships led by youth seeking to make the world a better place.

United Through Sport

Sports enthusiasts who understand it as an incredible tool to bring people together, have fun and build relationships. They seek to improve education, raise health awareness and develop life skills for children from disadvantaged communities.

Mente Argentina

They allow international students to spend time working in a field of interest and related to their own studies. All fields of study are available!