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How to rent without a guarantor

With Garantia BA you can rent without the need of an owner guarantor.

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What does it consist of?

The program allows you to contact different insurance companies which will give you a guarantee with exclusive benefits. Please note: the BA guarantee system only works for rental within CABA. It can be a surety bond or a bank guarantee with preferential characteristics so that you can start renting with:


  • A lower cost of access.
  • Financing of the guarantee in installments.
  • Deposit fee included in the guarantee.


In addition, if you have an Argentinean ID card, you can have access to a subsidy, through the IVC (Housing Institute), to make the Guarantee even more accessible. Know more here.



  1. Be over 18 years of age.
  2. Have an Argentinean ID card or a passport.
  3. Be a Registered Student from universities in CABA (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) or AMBA (Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires)
  4. Have a total family income equivalent to more than two and less than seven adjustable minimum living wage.
  5. The monthly rent must not exceed 30% of the declared individual/family net monthly income.
  6. Not having an unfavorable financial background.


What is the process like?

  1. Register on the Garantia BA website 
  2. Complete the form with your personal data.
  3. In a maximum period of 72 hours you will receive an email to inform you if you have been selected to obtain your BA Guarantee.


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