Buenos Aires, a door to Argentina

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Do you study in Buenos Aires? Then you must tour the country! Snow, jungle, estuaries, puna, beaches. All climates, all landscapes.

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Jungle, sun and palm trees: Iguazu Falls

Wonder of the World. Torrents and torrents of water roll from the heights in the middle of the missionary jungle, right next to Brazil. From Buenos Aires, they are over two hours by plane to reach the green heart of Argentina. Monkeys, water everywhere and a landscape that leaves your mouth open. When you go, visit the Argentine side in the Province of Misiones, and the Brazilian on the other side of the border, although - obviously - ours is better.


To the south, the Perito Moreno Glacier

The largest ice mass that can be seen in South America is in our country. Almost where the continent ends, the ice seems not to end. Travel to El Calafate (a three and a half hours flight from Buenos Aires), take the first taxi you see and ask to take you to the Perito Moreno National Park. Look for the famous catwalks and dazzle with the brightest and eternal white color of nature. Meanwhile, you're going to hear the crunch of the ice. If you are brave, hire the hiking trip on ice: a unique experience in life. 100% instagrammeable!


Best wine: in Mendoza

French friends, we regret to tell you that the best wine is in Argentina, more precisely in Mendoza. Our region of Cuyo, really near by the Andes Mountains, has a celestial sky clearly and a dry climate that makes the best vineyards in the region. Malbec is the son of these lands and the best companion of an asado. Two hours flight from Buenos Aires: light baggage, you will come back full of bottles of the best Argentine drink.

Backpacker? Chose Patagonia or northern Argentina

From San Martin de los Andes to Villa La Angostura - in Patagonia Argentina - there is a path of 7 lakes of many shapes and colors that deserve to be traveled. Put on your backpack, and prepare to sleep in tent in campsites on the shores of our lakes right at the foot of the hills. And if you like good food: trout, wild boar, deer and lamb, are just ones of the great dishes of our southern lands.

On the other hand, ancestral culture and native peoples. All the ocher, brown and red colors that exist in the palette are in the route that backpackers make from Tucumán, Salta to Jujuy, the trio of northern provinces most chosen by young people.

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