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The experience with Study, beeing ready for the unexpected and the best meat.

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Natalia Garzon came to Buenos Aires from Colombia as an international student. We asked her some questions to be able to share a little of what her experience in the City was. You can also see more of Natalia and the City here!

1. For you, what does a student have to know about life in this country?

That most people are cool, that you can go jogging if you like in the evenings, but as long as there is security. There are many beautiful green areas, and places to know, museums and history, that is normal if in one day you realize that there is a march, or national transport stop, so you have to be prepared for any mishap, that Study Buenos Aires it gives you even more possibilities to know those places, be it a football match, go to a museum or an emblematic place.

2. Is there any aspect of the Argentine customs that you have discovered?

I love the Argentines asado it´s the best I've had, the delicious Mendoza wines, drinking mate (a traditional hot drink from Argentina) in the afternoon and accompanying it with good facturas is a very good idea, empanadas, and pizzas are also very, very good.

3. How was your exchange experience?

My experience in Argentina at the beginning was a bit shocking because people seemed a bit rough, but as time went by and with the knowledge of their history I realized that they actually have a fairly strong past, and I think that all entails how is it now. But that in spite of each fall that Argentina has had, it has come forward. What I love most is that there I can share with people from all countries and even more when they do activities with Study Buenos Aires; like the welcome event Es Tu Día, where all students are invited to enjoy games, music, dances and so on, I highly recommend it.

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