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What is the weather like in Buenos Aires?

The truth? It's fine all year long: not too cold, not too hot. Our average annual temperature is 18°C (64°F), just imagine. Read here and learn everything before you prepare your travel bag.

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Our weather

The climate of our city is very friendly. The average annual temperature is 18 °C (64 ° F). Therefore, you can arrive at any time of the year. The coldest month is July, but if you come you will not experience extreme cold. Remember that we are in the southern hemisphere, so the academic year begins in March and goes until June, and the second semester goes from August to December.

Summer (December 21 to March 21)

In summer the heat is humid. The mornings are hot, while around noon and the first hours of the afternoon the temperatures increase significantly. At night, the heat decreases slightly, so fresh and light clothes are worn and there is no need for coats.

Winter (June 21 to September 21)

The cold is moderate during the day but at night the temperature drops considerably. It is only necessary to go out with a wool coat, a jacket or overall and a scarf.

Fall (March 21 to June 21) and Spring (September 21 to December 21)

They are the rainiest seasons. They are generally drizzles or brief rains that do not prevent the development of the different activities and allow walking on the street with umbrellas or raincoats. In the sunny days of autumn and spring the mornings are cool, the temperature rises pleasantly towards noon and drops at night.

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