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What to study, where to live, how to obtain a visa and what to do in the city, all in one platform.

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The Government of the City of Buenos Aires renewed the web browsing experience of Study Buenos Aires. Now, international students interested in studying in our city can access to more than 300 programs from member universities and can get in touch with them directly. They can also request their Welcome Kit and register for the 70 activities, add points for attending and participate for prizes during the second semester. What to study, where to live, how to obtain a visa and what to do in the city, all in one platform.

The policy of attracting international students from the City of Buenos Aires completely renewed its face to the world with the most innovative web platform of its kind. Those interested in studying at universities in Buenos Aires can find all the academic programs ordered by area of ??knowledge, type of program (undergraduate, graduate, exchange, short program, etc.), language in which they are dictated, start date and duration. This search engine is unique in the region and is comparable to those of Study Sweeden and Study Melbourne, leading destinations in attracting international students.

For their part, students who have chosen any of the 23 member universities of Study Buenos Aires to take part in their studies or their full grades, can request their Welcome Kit, which includes a sim card, the SUBE transport card and a discount on the transfer from Ezeiza Airport to the city. Also, accommodation is often a crucial issue for students. Therefore, in students can access a search engine of hostels, residences and hotels with special rates and direct contact.

In addition, the calendar of activities for international and local students will start in the second semester with a novelty: students will earn points to participate and those who finish the semester with the highest score will win spectacular prizes.

Finally, the website allows students to know the details of the procedures they must complete to study in the city, such as the visa and bank account process.

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