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The program of professional practices articulated by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires is launched together with the private sector, so that young people from all over the world have the opportunity to deepen their academic knowledge by putting them into practice in both the public and private sectors.

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In this first edition of Interns in BA 5 Argentine companies of regional and global scope are added with the intention of internationalizing their work teams. Likewise, the 5th edition of the Buenos Aires International Experience, the professionalizing internship program of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, where more than 15 government areas will participate, will be launched.

The objective of this initiative is for young people in the world to provide another perspective, to challenge the limits by creating not only multidisciplinary but multicultural teams, in increasingly attractive companies worldwide. Thus generating not only a professional exchange, but also a meeting between different cultures.

If you are an international student, these practices can be a great step for your professional and personal growth, and a good attraction for your CV. Working in a country other than yours is a very enriching experience. It can be your first entry into the world of work, and help you decide how and what you want to perform tomorrow.

If you are selected, during two months of 2020, you will be able to be part of a team in one of the Argentine companies or areas of the City Government. You will have a tutor who will guide you in your daily tasks to enhance your talent and make the most of your experience in Buenos Aires. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take a short course at our best universities.


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Practices in the public sector

Internships in the private sector

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