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What to know before coming to study, her vision of the Buenos Aires attitude and travels through Argentina.

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Lindsey Hincynski came to Buenos Aires from the United States for an academic exchange with USAL. We asked her some questions so we could share a little of her experience in the City. You can also see more of Lindsey and the City here!

1. Something you think is necessary for a student about to start his exchange to know about life in this country:

I think it is important that when they arrive they try to meet all the new people they can. The more people you know the more you can practice your Spanish, and you have more friends who can show you not only the tourist life, but also the native and authentic aspects of Buenos Aires. There are so many foreigners in Buenos Aires from all over the world, and people have a lot to offer.


2. Some aspect of the Argentine customs that you have discovered:

I loved the attitude of the people of Buenos Aires. They sit for hours drinking coffee or beer, chatting endlessly. They are very relaxed and don't care about the schedule or the clock. They are very welcoming, they invite you to grills with wine, meat and dance. People drink mate and eat dulce de leche. These are small but important customs for the people of Buenos Aires. And they have a lot of pride for their soccer teams! I love the culture of the people of Buenos Aires, I think anyone would love it too!

3. Your exchange experience:

My experience in Argentina was amazing. At the beginning of the semester my program at the USAL took us to many outings to see the Casa Rosada, the Recoleta Cemetery, the Women's Bridge in Puerto Madero and many more places. I saw many tourist sites with my classmates, it was hilarious.

When the semester started I needed to get used to the teaching style, the amount of homework in Spanish and the long hours of classes. But I really enjoyed meeting all the classmates. I went on a trip with the BAIS organization (Buenos Aires International Students) and it was the best decision of the semester! I met new friends from all over the world and had a lot of fun celebrating, eating, swimming, playing games and comparing the cultures of our countries.

At the end of the exchange, after all the trips to Mendoza, Bariloche, Iguazú, and after meeting new friends and visiting the tourist sites, I was ready to return to my home because I missed my family and my friends. However, I am very satisfied with my experiences in Argentina and now I have a passionate love for the country. I recommend any student, Spanish-speaking or not, to visit Argentina for its rich culture and beautiful land. People have a way of getting happy and you learn so much when you live there.


In the coming weeks you will be able to learn more stories like Lindsey's, stay tuned!

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