¡End of EBAI 2019!


The 4th edition of Buenos Aires International Experience EBAI, program in which 23 students from different parts of the globe participated.

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For eight weeks, between March and May 2019, students participated in internships in 15 areas of the Buenos Aires government, a professional exchange that allowed them to develop their skills, talents and creatives. In addition to training in different skills, each student presented as a final project a summary of a public policy.

Students of academic exchange in different universities of the City of Buenos Aires, such as the UBA, Torcuato Di Tella University, Lanús University, Salvador University, San Martin University, San Andres University, Argentine Catholic University and the University of Palermo, were part of the program.

“The experience met my expectations, allowed me to know the reality of the public administration of another country, which nourishes me as a professional and public official.”

Verónica Zurita, Ecuador

“I developed my skills and knowledge on public policies, and learned about gender-related policy initiatives, such as those that address health issues and economic inequality, which I hope to take advantage of in my studies and work in the future.”

Elisabeth Dietz, Norway

The program was a success, and within the different policys the work of 2 students stood out: Alessandro Gardelli, Italian student, who performed an analysis on "Economic impacts of Climate Change in the City of Buenos Aires". And Patrick Bopp, a German student, who developed a project on "Urban fragmentation and social segregation in Buenos Aires: proposals for an integrated and sustainable city".

The 5th edition of EBAI will begin its call in May 2020, and will take place between September and November of the same year. Do not miss it!


EBAI participants 2018:

Alessandro Gardelli, Italy

Annika Doreen Maurer, Germany

Alejandra Edery Ferre, United States

Verónica Zurita, Ecuador

José Ramón Navarro Perez, Spain

Elias Frantz, United States

Lisa Decombe, France

Felipe Alberto Leal González, Chile

Sofia Jimenos Pujal, Spain

Monica Ships, Brazil

Jorge Alejandro Lopez Carrero, Venezuela

Karla Kane, United States

Helen Natalie Langwieder-Görner, Austria

Diana Marcela Lopez Tovar, Colombia

Cheng San Llanos Vásquez, Peru

Sebastian Arroy Juárez, Mexico

Laura García Corredor, Colombia

Elisabeth Dietz, Norway

Emmanuel Bosdure, France

Danilo Cataño Henao, Colombia

Patrick Bopp, Germany

Daniela Letanovská, Slovakia

Karen Dayana Acosta, Colombia

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