Nomads Conference 3rd edition


Nomads BA: The conference for remote workers reaches its third edition

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On June 15, a new edition of the Nomads BA Conference will be held from 4 to 8 pm at the San Martín Cultural Center. The conference will bring together the different actors of the remote work ecosystem and will offer different activities, talks and proposals aimed at remote workers, digital nomads, as well as those who wish to obtain tools to get into remote work.

In addition, attendees will learn about the work done by the City of Buenos Aires with the Nomads BA program and we will have the presence of representatives of local governments and the private sector, digital nomads and exponents of remote work. Registration is required.

At the beginning of 2021, Buenos Aires was the pioneer city in the country in recognizing that, during the context of the pandemic, the trend of remote work increased considerably around the world. More and more people began to carry out their work, professional or training activities without depending on a physical space. On the contrary, there was a marked predisposition to combine wellbeing and enjoyment with work.

In this sense, the City designed the Nomads BA program with the aim of promoting and fostering Buenos Aires as a safe global destination, with a high quality of life and home to talent, creativity and diversity. As a result, the city has become the main urban destination in Latin America to visit, live, work, study and do business.

The event will feature a networking space among guests and a series of talks, which will revolve around three axes: Local governments and public policy, Remote work and digital nomadism, and Experience and challenges of the private sector.

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