Participate in the digital edition of EBAI!


If you are an international student and you came to our city to study, you can join the new Buenos Aires International Experience, Digital Edition.

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What is EBAI?

This is the Buenos Aires International Digital Experience. A dynamic and comprehensive proposal where students can create, analyze and project the post-pandemic context of the City of Buenos Aires.

If you are interested in public management and policy making, this is your opportunity to join a different proposal! For a month and a half you will be part of a small team where you will get in contact with specialists and students from other careers with whom you will prepare a public policy memo and a digital presentation, following a series of axes that will be provided to you.

Take advantage of your time putting your knowledge into practice!


Who can be part of it?

The proposal is outlined in two stages:

In the first one, all those students who previously had written down and sent all the documentation in the previous Edition and who, due to the suspension of the program, could not participate. (registration date until May 18, 2020)

In a second stage, in the event that there are vacant places, the experience will be open to all international students between 20 and 25 years old who are studying in Buenos Aires. (registration date from May 18 to May 25th)


How will it be organized?

Once the participants are elected, they will be given access to an online platform where the content, relevant messages and data from the meetings will be uploaded in order to concentrate doubts/questions, queries and activities in a single space.


What does EBAI include?

  • Unpaid professional practice.
  • Assignment of a tutor per group who will accompany them during the performance of their work
  • Virtual meetings with the Study BA team, teachers and officials in charge of designing and implementing public policies.
  • Relevant documentation for the preparation of the proposal
  • A short course offered by universities in Buenos Aires.
  • Weekly tutoring meetings for the development of their work.
  • Participation Certificate (via email) 

  What is its duration of EBAI?

Practices will take place from June 1 to July 15.


Requirements to participate

To participate, complete the form attached at the end of this article. If you have not signed up to the previous edition, send us an email to with:

  1. Certificate of enrolement in a higher education institution outside the Republic of Argentina plus having an academic exchange in one of the universities with the Study Buenos Aires agreement.
  2. Acceptance letter from the university in Buenos Aires with Study Buenos Aires agreement
  3. Valid copy of your passport issued in your country of origin, with a minimum validity of one (1) year from the date you fill the registration form.
  4. Curriculum Vitae in Spanish
  5. Motivation letter in Spanish (maximum 200 words)
  6. Spanish language knowledge certificate
  7. You must between 20 and 25 years old

  How are the participants chosen?

Shortlisted students will receive an email to coordinate a virtual interview where they will discuss the proposal their interests. The 6 students who are considered most suitable for the program will be selected.


Application deadline 

You have until May 25, 2020 to fill out the form.


Apply Here

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