All the tips to live and get to know Buenos Aires from the comfort of your home.

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At Study Buenos Aires, we consider it vital to take all the necessary precautions to stop the advance of the Coronavirus. It is essential to avoid going out into the street unless it is strictly necessary.


As part of the campaign #StayAtHome, we have decided to compile a series of useful links, not only so that you can access information about Coronavirus, but we also included audio-visual content, digital books, virtual museums, culture and online courses; with the aim of making sure that staying at home is not boring and unproductive.


Map of basic goods


  •  Community map which shows where you can find basic hygiene and food supplies.





  • the free video-on-demand platform to watch national content wherever you want, whenever you want.

   We recommend some: Luna de avellaneda, El Hijo de la Novia, Elefante Blanco, Los simuladores, Tiempo Final, Corazón de León.


  • Argentine movie library that allows you to watch complete movies, via streaming, for free.






  • Paenza's books: All the books published by Adrián Paenza are available on the website of the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA):


  • Grupo Planeta, through the web site, made available to the readers ten complete books of popular authors like María Dueñas ( El tiempo entre costuras), Carlos Ruiz Zafón ( La sombra del viento), Stieg Larsson ( Men who hate women), Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) and C.S. Lewis ( The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). All can be downloaded for free until March 31 or read for free on e-book platforms such as Kindle.





Online Culture and Virtual Museums


  • Google Arts & Culture concentrates the works of a total of more than 1,700 museums, galleries and institutions in 80 countries, making it the largest virtual art database today.

  • Fundación Proa makes available its audio guides, which allow us to recover the theory of the exhibitions they hosted in the last few years. Through its youtube channel  we can not only tour them, but also witness the hundreds of presentations and debates that took place around them.

  • The Bellas Artes and MACBA, to name a few, reinforce the trend of virtual tours with their own channel, while the MAMBA presents interviews with artists and curators, montages of present and past exhibitions. 




Online Courses


  • The Crehana platform, under the slogan #YoAprendoEnCasa (#Ilearnathome), made available a series of free courses in all areas.

  • The organization Asuntos del Sur launched a training kit for you to use from your home, with your computer or mobile device and internet access. Digital tools, studies, publications and released content so that these days can also be of new knowledge.


Playlists on Spotify 








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Information about Coronavirus


All the measures that are being taken by the Government of the City

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