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The Degree in Law has been fulfilling an objective since its foundation: to train the best lawyers of the country. Our graduates excel in the Judicial Power, top legal firms and other national and international organizations. The flexibility in our curriculum enables the students to choose their own orientation that can even exceed the Law. This has allowed our graduates to perform in areas such as finance, journalism, diplomacy, politics or entrepreneurial activities. Our graduates´ professional success stems from: Teaching methodology: Students have training in writing, oratory and argumentation, unique in Latin America. Quality of the teaching body: The Law School stands out for its prestigious staff of researchers-professors at national and international levels, unique throughout the region. Our professor-student rate allows a tailored approach. Consolidated contact network: The support of a broad professional and academic contact network in Argentina and worldwide enhances the possibilities when it comes to applying for professional jobs and scholarships to undertake postgraduate studies abroad.


How to apply?

There are 3 options: Direct admission: possible if the following requirements are met: - General average greater or equal to 8 over 10 in complete high school years (1st. to 4th year) -International exams: IB, AICE, Baccalauréat Français, Esame di Stato, Abitur. - Finalists of the Argentinian Mathematical Olympiad at national level. Admission course: it is offered in 3 modalities: ON-SITE: it is held and taken at UTDT. FREE: You are provided the bibliography via e-mail for the preparation of the exams. ONLINE: You are virtually guided by lecturers with the admission bibliography, so that you sit the exams at UTDT.

Updated: 04-Jan-21

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