Buenos Aires, city of talent

Buenos Aires, the city of talent


Creative and diverse in all areas of knowledge. We are Porteños – the people from the port – and we have ideas. Good ideas. And we have the strength to carry them out. That is, we have talent. Talent of multicultural origin and global impact; creative talent, both by vocation and necessity. Look!

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Our city was built by hosting people. In Buenos Aires, we have the talent of immigrant blood. The talent of diversity. The talent of people who were already here and the one of those who arrived. That of the Italians, the Spaniards, the Jews, the Catholics, the Russians and the Creoles. The talent that keeps arriving, with the thousands and thousands of students that visit us, and the talent we continue to export, with our software, services and design companies. 

Here, we challenge the limits, we transcend the borders and we dismiss the distances. Our creativity does not draw back in the face of adversity. Quite the contrary: it gets inspired. Simple solutions to difficult problems. We are practical in the face of urgency and disruptive to normality. If something is missing, ingenuity substitutes it. We improve what we have, and if we do not have it, we create it. Therefore, inventions born here save the lives of thousands of people, transport millions of persons and sign countless contracts.  That's why we have five Nobel prizes. That's why four unicorn companies took off from here. For that reason, and for that purpose, the education of our universities is demanding, rigorous and very well ranked. 

But it’s not enough. It's never enough. We want to continue going beyond the frontiers of knowledge, leading innovation and incubating talents.  To achieve it, we need protagonists, both from here and from all over the world in all areas of knowledge. Get inspired with the creativity of our architects, the ambition of our engineers, the depth of our humanists, the quality of our doctors and, above all, the vocation of the professionals educated and trained here.  Meet us and let your talent go beyond the limits. We count on you to keep on creating. Count on us to keep on growing.  

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Buenos Aires: Creativity, Diversity & Talent.

We’re an unique city with exceptional art, culture, cuisine, climate and affordable cost of living.