25 LATAM students will be able to do a postgraduate degree in Buenos Aires


In order to attract academic talent, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, within the framework of the Becas LATAM para posgrados en Buenos Aires program, awarded 25 full scholarships for Latin American graduate students to complete a Specialization, Master's or Doctorate in one of the 13 universities from the City of Buenos Aires, the Metropolitan Area and the Province of Buenos Aires that participated in the project.

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Within the framework of  the Becas LATAM para posgrados en Buenos Aires program (2020 call), the final selection by jury of the winners of the scholarship program was carried out. The jury was made up of experts in international education from public and private universities and the GCBA.


The program had more than 1000 registrants from 19 different countries. 25 graduates were selected as winners out of these.


The winners are:


  • Claudia Marcela Bejarano Ramirez (Colombia - Master's Degree in Audiovisual Communication UCA)


  • Julio César Morla (Dominican Republic - Master in Political Science UTDT)


  • Pedro Tapia Inzunza (Chile - Masters in Educational Administration UTDT)



  • José Steven Martínez Gómez (Costa Rica - Specialization in Legal Medicine F. BARCELÓ)


  • Angie Catalina Peñaranda Rey (Colombia - Master in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean UNSAM)


  • María Fernanda Rodríguez (Colombia - Master in Latin American Literatures from UNSAM)


  • Inmagela Rivas Abreu (Dominican Republic - Master in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean UNSAM)


  • Leidy Marcela Gómez Diosa (Colombia - Specialization in University Teaching UNQ)


  • Jessica Olivas (Mexico - Master in Cultural Industries, Politics and UNQ Management)



  • Karla Gianina Lizardo Madariaga (Honduras - Master in Biotechnology UNQ)



  • José Batz (Guatemala - Master in Biotechnology UNQ)


  • Rocío Altagracia (Dominican Republic - MBA Weekend UCEMA)


  • Carolina Zapata Baez (Dominican Republic - Master in Agribusiness UCEMA)


  • Karen Johanna Murcia Garabito (Colombia - Master of International Studies)


  • Karelly Aquino Burgueño (Mexico - Master of Business Administration UAI)


  • Josue Barrios (Mexico - Master in Strategic Marketing UCES)


  • Angélica Quinche (Colombia - Master in Environmental Management ITBA)


  • Esteban Niño Castro (Colombia - 21st Century Digital Business Management Specialization)


  • Giovanny Córdova (Ecuador - PhD in Political Science USAL)


  • Oscár Bueno (Mexico - Doctorate in Community Mental Health UNLA)


  • Rocío Lizbeth Rodríguez Medina (Mexico - Master in Scientific Research Methodology UNLA)


  • Nicole Alexandra Pichardo Almonte (Dominican Republic - Specialization in Gender, Public Policies and Society UNLA)


  • María Belén Medina (Ecuador - MBA UNNOBA)


  • David Alejandro Rico Beltrán (Colombia - MBA UNNOBA)


  • Claudia Tarifa (Bolivia - MBA UNNOBA)


  • Edwin Barrios Caballero (Colombia - PhD in Genetic Improvement)



The substitutes are: Miguel Jiménez (Dominican Republic), Julio César Morla (Dominican Republic), José García Ulerio (Dominican Republic), Andrea López (Mexico), Justinne Alejandra Patiño Duque (Colombia), Nagellys Carolis Mella Ramírez (Dominican Republic), Rafael García Aparicio (Mexico), Gabriela Sarmiento (Dominican Republic), Karol Echeverría (Ecuador), Yudy Alejandra Zambrano Ojeda (Colombia), Griselda Alvarado Picado (Costa Rica), Daniel Renteria Rojas (Mexico).


The scholarship covers 100% of the academic programs and gives students the possibility to live a multicultural experience while improving their skills and education.


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