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Did you know that Buenos Aires is the best city to study in Latin America? With the aim of increasing the supply of beds for students who intend to carry out their studies in Buenos Aires, through InvestBA and Study BA, the City has launched a Promotion Regime that grants tax incentives for the remodeling and construction of student residences.

In addition, within the framework of this initiative, the City seeks to strengthen and enhance the Historic Center as a tourist and cultural reference point, promoting the local ecosystem and improving public space.

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What are the benefits for building new residences? 

Those who develop new student residences will be able to choose between two possibilities.

  1. On the one hand, access to a benefit of up to 60% of the investment made as a tax credit applicable to the payment of the gross income tax. If the projects have certain characteristics such as the location in the Historic Center of the City, the status as a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) and / or the investment in heritage-protected buildings.
  2. On the other hand, those who build new residences may also opt for exemption from the payment of gross income tax for a maximum period of 24 months. In this case, the law also benefits certain characteristics of the projects such as the status as a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) and/or the location in the Historic Center of the City of Buenos Aires.

What are the benefits for remodeling existing residences?

  1. Those who reform, expand and improve the equipment of existing residences or make a total or partial conversion from an establishment to a residence, will be able to access a benefit of up to 60% as a tax credit on the investment made. Within this maximum benefit, the law also prioritizes certain characteristics of the project such as the location in the Historic Center of the City and the status as a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME).

Where is the Historic Center located?

It is the founding and oldest area of Buenos Aires, which treasures in its territory much of the history, memory and heritage of the City and the country. With an important role for the educational ecosystem, it comprises 5 universities and 62 educational facilities, being also a central area of access to transfer centers.


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